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What are the Best Instruments to Accompany Singing?

Have you been looking to create your own music? More and more people have been trying their hand at music creation or lyric writing – but there’s an important catch here that you ought to consider. Indeed, writing new music can be hugely fulfilling in many cases, but it’s also tricky; there’s a reason not everyone is doing it! With this thought in mind, today, we’re looking at some key things you should know about the best instruments to accompany singing to help you write your new songs for Instagram, TikTok, or any other music platform effectively.

What are the Best Instruments to Accompany Singing?

No single instrument is necessarily best to accompany singing, and keeping this in mind is important as part of your decision regarding which instruments to use. However, several instruments are typically more effective for combining with singing, which could make for a lovely song.

Common Instruments for Singing

Perhaps the most obvious choice of instrument to accompany singing is the piano (or, if you’re on a budget but looking for a similar sound, a keyboard). Piano music is incredibly helpful for creating effective songs and offers an exceptionally diverse range. This makes piano music brilliant for numerous different styles and genres; plus, it can easily pair with all sorts of vocal ranges.

String instruments, such as guitars and violins, also tend to be very good for accompanying singing. Guitars are perhaps more commonly used. However, if you want a softer sound, reaching for a violin may also be a good option.

Instruments to Take Care With

Some wind instruments may also be able to create a similar, gentle sound in your music – but try to avoid wind instruments that make exceptionally loud and powerful sounds, such as trombones, as these will easily overwhelm the sound.

On the whole, drums and other such bass instruments should be used more sparingly as an accompaniment to your singing. While the two can work exceptionally well together, it’s entirely possible for the drums to drown out the sound of your singing if they aren’t played at key times between lyrics or otherwise played gently. So, if you want to add brass wind instruments or drums to your music, take care to ensure this doesn’t compromise the overall quality of your song. There’s very little point in singing if no one can make out the lyrics.

Final Thoughts

Almost any instrument can accompany singing – but that doesn’t necessarily mean pulling this sound off is easy. With this thought in mind, before you begin writing your brand new single, it’s critical to consider the most common instruments to accompany singing and how these might work well with your new song or single.

Whether you’re adding a new twist to covers of your favorite songs or if you’re singing a brand new Instagram or TikTok sensation, today’s tips should help you make the right instrument choices for your unique needs. But remember, every song is unique, so if you think you have found a bold new sound that works, why not give it a go?

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