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We Are

Sound in the Palm of Your Hand

Sphereo’s vision is to bring a professional music studio to your mobile device and to let any user sing and create unique content without any specialized equipment and/or technical knowledge. Sphereo aspires to revolutionize the sound experience using unique world-wide patented technologies. Sphereo’s technologies allow the user to completely change the style or the genre of any song in a tap, to customize and adjust the instruments of a music segment or to feel as if the music is flying around the user using unique 3D audio technology.

Sphereo’s Proprietary Software Technology Redefines How Music is Created and Experienced

Our Technology

Mixit is a revolutionary technology-driven social music network that empowers every user to personalize any song- recompose, recreate and restyle.

Our Team

Sphereo comprises of talented developers, sound engineers, software engineers, marketeers and designers, bringing you expertise from across the globe. We also have a few singers amongst us too! To create greatness every day, we need great people, so we make sure to only hire the best.

Join Us!

Do you love music? We are a growing startup developing mobile music applications. Our main product, Mixit, is a cool, new karaoke and musical experience app.

At Sphereo, we are all about collaborative working and innovation. We aim to bring in the best combination of skills to truly have an impact in the music world. Want to be a part of the team?

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