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The Artist’s Odyssey

Ten Tips for  Ten Days of Tinkering

Ready to delve into your creative side and produce something entirely new?

Here are ten tips from the experts for you to take along your journey. Whether you are writing lyrics, rethinking genre, or taking the conventional and turning it on its’ head, there’s lots to consider as an artist!

Let’s take a look at each one of these wisdom nuggets in the coming days and unpack the glory of  the creative process!

·  Nourish your creative muse

·  Create space and time to surrender to the process

·  Learn that mistakes can be generative treasures

·  Listen ACTIVELY

·  Honor the integrity of your work

·  Experiment with your material

·  Commune with your creation

·  Share your art

·  Grow as a person

·  Bask in your glory

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