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Learn That Mistakes Can Be Generative Treasures

Living in a performance driven world, we are accustomed to neat and sleek lines, convincing and quick solutions, and pristine finishes. We have cameras that can take oodles of photos of which one will be selected and then edited and then filtered to maximal effect. We have auto correct for our written expressions to eradicate misspells,  and now cars that protect us, warning us of our own sloppy driving. Even the novelty of getting lost is rare with apps that guide us to our destination via the optimal route, as timely as possible.

But what is lost when we don’t get lost?

For the creative spirit,  there is much to be gleaned along the littered and rocky  path of composition. There are associations, risks, surprising harmonies, gutsy rhymes, brilliant references, loaded memories, and inventive melodies that await the meandering one.

If we are too focused on the outcome, the product, the expedient solution, the easy way out – we may miss out on the roads not taken. And what treasures may lie along that road. If you have traveled to a new city, in a far-off land, and waltzed along the bustling boulevards by foot,  perhaps you’ve had the experience of making a wrong turn only to discover the most glorious fountain or daffodil garden or an ancient turret, or an exotic, colorful bird.  Those moments of utter elation – seeing magnificent architecture or a natural wonder for the first time, can be life altering and may easily  become the most cherished moments of all along the journey.

One of the awesome opportunities Sphereo offers is the gift of hearing anew. The conventional? Presto! Becomes unconventional. Switching up genre on a known piece of music, can be an exotic journey for the mind and senses! Changing up the instrumentation of an oldie or trendy hit can breathe new life into a familiar experience. And these new artistic interpretations ask questions of our expectant minds. What is the essence of this song? Is there a right way to hear this  work? Is there wild humor in accessorizing music? Have fun and go where no one has taken this music before.

Sphereo also give you the ability to write your very own lyrics. As you set pencil to paper, give yourself license to make a mess. Jot down every word that rhymes with your line ending before choosing THE  one. Experiment with repeating words, with alliteration, with metaphor, with rhythm and stresses. There is much mystery in word craft. The joy of discovery is your scrumptious  and just dessert as a song writer. Be sure to carve out time for this fun endeavor and you will relish the crafting delight. There are words that can only come from you. Those are the words which become memorable. Those are the words which may take their place in history.

So dare to make mistakes, to get lost, to reinvent the wheel, and to launch your novel sound!

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