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Honor The Integrity Of Your Work

When a work is complete, it stands on its own. It does not need explanation in order to justify its existence. That is not to say that it does not invite interpretation. However, it is a whole. A world unto itself. Self-referential. That work has what I call -integrity!

When you are in your artist’s studio, plugging away at project, try to check in with your art.

Ask yourself the hard questions –

Is this a unique work? What makes it different? What is the message I’m projecting and is this the best form to communicate this message?

If I change certain elements, will my message be more or less convincing?

Asking yourself these questions will bring your work to a higher level, to become its best version.

If you are experimenting with lyrics, try to put the words through the prism of different characters, or genders, or ages.

If you are working with genres, see how your lyrics change meaning or power depending on the specific style of a song. A rap brings with it the life on the street, while blues melody adds colors and smells from its smoky, intimate world.

As artists, we strive to fashion a work that is enjoyed from multiple angles. A solid work will invite inquiry or suggests humor or strongly conjure up an emotion. A solid work will foster a multiplicity of reactions.

Looking back at the great sculptors of the Renaissance, we notice that they were very aware of the many angles of their work. Their creative masterpieces hewn from marble and chiseled to a finished perfection, encouraged the viewer to circle around the work from every vantage point and learn new things from each different perspective.

Here’s an exercise for your inner artist. Take yourself out on a date to the art museum. Circle around the sculptures. Note how many stories there are in one great work. Experience how one singular creation can give birth to multiplicity and complexity. How rich and multifaceted a compelling piece of art can be.

The songs that waltz their way through history and can cross borders are the songs that have succeeded in having artistic integrity. They are the pieces of music that are solid yet, ironically, are accessible to all peoples. This is the legacy of a masterpiece.

If you have created a song that tugs on our hearts or make us want to jump up and dance – well, that is a fantabulous achievement. If you have written lyrics that evoke memory or loss or elation or longing, then you have succeeded in creating compelling art. You have created art that touches the depth of our human experience and leaves listeners different than before.

Mixit allows you to open up multiple dimensions and multiple vantage points and choose the creative elements and dressings that make all the difference!

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