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Grow as a person

For many young people, one of the greatest challenges is narrowing down the question, “What do I want to do with my life?” . Whether it effects travel, education, career, family decisions, financial planning – The definitiveness of major decisions can be daunting. Even paralyzing.

It’s possible that the element that make these decisions so tough is the finality involved.  When you make a choice, you choose one path, but you close off many other doors.

Some kids know from a young age exactly what they want to be and actually become that. But most of us go through stages, curiously watching the adult world for cues about success. It can be a confusing time.

But another way to look at this story, of endless possibilities and roads to take, is to imagine your inner world as a bank. Every time you make a constructive decision to INVEST in yourself, you are actually enriching yourself and those dividends will nourish any future endeavor. So, its less about  “wrong decisions” and more about a rich diversity of experiences and skills that will grow you into a more thoughtful, sensitive, capable, gifted, empowered, flexible person.

More specifically, every time you learn a new skill, a new word, a new lesson, a new instrument or harmony, or lyric writing method, you are building yourself as an artist and this will serve as nourishment for the mind and spirit. 

Human beings are living decades longer than they were even thirty years ago. This means that we need to expand our creative life accordingly. It make it  all the more critical to continue our growth as people and as musicians.

There is nothing more curative and mind- building than music. The pursuit of musical knowledge and performance engages the brain more than any other cerebral endeavor. What this means is you either use it or lose it. And when you do use it, you are using that brain more than you can imagine. This keeps you young, smart and neuron-firing.

So do yourself a favor – learn music. Whether it’s theory, how to play an instrument (learning to read music is amazingly good for you  – even 10 minutes a day) or how to use mix-it for all your song creation needs. It will keep you vibrant. It will keep you growing, It will make you rich – in the best of ways.

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