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Bask in Your Glory

There is a delicate balance to maintain between ever striving for improvement and self-satisfaction with our performance.

Many times, after a concert, I am struck by how the greatest musicians are incredibly self-critical of their work. I often make it a point to visit artists back stage after a concert or show to converse with them about their work or repertoire. Many musicians are happy to share their moments of glory as well as their frustrations or failures, and it is always instructive to interact with them after their triumph on stage. Many famous artists see their role not only as performer but also as educator or mentor, in particular for the younger generation who is seeking inspiration and guidance. Next time you attend a live performance, try to get backstage or to the “green room” to learn more and get a live lesson in the art of the delicate balance.

In order to get to a place where you can truly bask on your glory, it’s first necessary to walk through the steps of polishing your work. You need to know that your product will stand fast amidst the whipping – wind conditions it will encounter when it’s made public. What can help tremendously with this last and most challenging stage of creating art, is eliciting feedback from professionals you trust before you go public with your art. Try to share your work with people of all ages, different demographics, varying ages, and assorted professional orientations. You can learn so much by watching those you respect weigh in from their varied perspectives.

That is not to say that you must adopt all of their opinions or accept all of their criticism. But if you choose to ignore corrections, there must be a strong justification for your artistic choice. That’s a moment where you can flex your individualism and garner the strength to hold your head high stating:

“ This is my sound. These are my words. Here is my art, as only I can fashion.”


bask in your glory

go from strength to strength

like the gut strings

taut and vibrant

your sound will sing out

to rip hearts in two

your sound

can lull a babe to slumber deep

your sound

can promise a better tomorrow

your sound

of strength

giving strength

your glory moment has arrived

yes, bask in it

bask in it.

This little poem is a gift for you. But perhaps you can write yourself your very own , personalized “Bask in your glory” poem. You can read it when you are proud of your work, or when you need a pat on the back. You can gift it to other creators when they need a lift as well. The art of fashioning something from nothing or something alternative from something that exists is an involved process. Be patient, work hard, have faith, seek support, and finally BASK IN YOUR GLORY!

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